Who would be „Alfa and Omega” in a project?

February 26. 2019

Maybe the title has already suggested the reader a mystical approach of project management discipline, perhaps not few wondering if this thing is just possible. It’s not the case here! Read the article to find out more.

I will not propose specific prayers to be included in the “tools and techniques” within the project management processes, even though most of us would have wished to have some handy, for some moments in project execution when only a divine solution, appeared “Deus ex machina”, would possibly save the project from a complete failure. We all might want to have someone to protect the project, either the project manager or the business analyst, to speak us like citing from Apostol John: “I am Alfa and Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.” The idea of this article came to me during some presentations and panel debates on the limits of project management and business analysis disciplines, where I noticed a lot of opinions that don’t clearly connect the disciplines and moreover it was wrongly accentuated their mutual interferences. In this context, I’ve thought that I should point out some technical clarifications, to investigate if there is really a competition between disciplines, or, at least, if there are negative mutual interferences. In this article, I want to bring some arguments to demonstrate that the two disciplines are two faces of the same coin, in our case the project. Most likely, this is the main reason why PMI has included in its interest area the certification of business analysis competencies. Describing the model, I will bring some critical examples from Romanian IT business domain. The question from the title can be reformulated: Who is defining the start and stop criteria in a project? Who has the task to decisively determine the most important moments of a project: the project manager or the business analyst? In which organization is he working: the client or the supplier one?

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